Diagnosis and monitoring of bridges.

The product offered by ISAAC consists of a modular monitoring system for motorway bridges, independent for each span, which uses integrated hardware and software, with high computational complexity. Processing data directly on site reduces costs and relative time to manage all data in the Cloud, collected thanks to the extensive network of accelerometric sensors. This type of dynamic monitoring makes it possible to promptly identify the presence of possible damage in each span and gives indications of the damaged beam region (example: cracks). If coupled to a FEM model of the bridge, it allows to carry out a first diagnosis for the identification of possible areas with localized stiffness decrease to have an image of the bridge health condition.

1) Continuous infrastructure monitoring and alert system
2) Data processed directly on-site decreasing cloud costs and simplifying data interpretation
3) Possible initial diagnosis and creation of the “day zero” infrastructure model


Continuous infrastructure

Effective analysis
and detailed results

Infrastructure diagnosis thanks
to the FEM model creation

Low cost system, thanks to the use of a network of accelerometers and on-site data processing


Bridges and viaducts



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