The new standard for the seismic protection and continuous monitoring of civil existing structures

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 875971

ISAAC s.r.l. is an innovative Start Up offering innovative products and services for the diagnosis, monitoring and seismic protection of existing buildings. It is born from the idea of ​​seeking highly technological solutions for the improvement of dynamic performance of already existing structures in order to make them Smart Structures.

Thanks to the highly engineering knowledge and experience of its members, ISAAC s.r.l. specializes, above all, in the anti-seismic field and continuous monitoring of structures, guaranteeing safety and comfort with fully automatic and high-performance devices.


ISAAC designs and develops highly technological solutions for protection, analysis and monitoring of structures and infrastructures.


To reduce the catastrophic effects, but above all to people’s lives, thanks to rapid, non-invasive and cost-competitive cutting-edge technologies.

Diagnosis and monitoring of Buildings

the ISAAC system for the diagnosis and structural monitoring of buildings, is based on the use of innovative, rapid, precise and non-invasive technologies to assess and monitor the health condition of the structure.

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Diagnosis and monitoring of bridges

ISAAC offers a plug and play state-of-the-art bridge diagnosis and monitoring system able to identify possible infrastructures developing damage.

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Seismic protection ISAAC-AMD

ISAAC is developing an active and smart device for the seismic protection of existing buildings, thanks to the use of a patented technology.

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The Team

The ISAAC team is made up of young and enterprising resources, who bring motivation and innovation within the company, but also of experienced and competent senior figures who manage to best guide the company in strategic and business decisions.


ISAAC, from 2018 to date, has participated in various competitions, both nationally and internationally, managing to win several awards.



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