Born as a completely innovative and highly technological device, the ISAAC-AMD is one of the best solutions for seismic protection of civil structures.
Given its low cost, high performance, short installation times and non-invasiveness, the ISAAC-AMD is proposed as a more performing solution compared to all the technologies available on the market, which generally operate by strengthening the structure with burdensome works or using passive devices such as dampers or isolation systems.
The ISAAC-AMD is a smart active dynamic absorber capable of autonomous identification and continuous monitoring of the building on which it is installed.

The high-tech device, after being installed on the building (with non-invasive intervention), is able to autonomously identify the structure on which it is mounted and subsequently increase its damping. This results in the improvement of the building dynamic performance during seismic events or disturbances related to the wind or other natural phenomena, ensuring the comfort and safety of the inhabitants. Finally, the same device, thanks to the continuous monitoring capability, is able to verify the integrity of the structure 24/7, especially after seismic events. Currently these checks requires long waiting times and can only be performed with a qualitative study of engineers called on the field.

The ISAAC-AMD device would spread this technology on structures with lower commercial value, such as residential buildings, houses or possibly other types of structures making them “Smart Structures”.
Concerning the Italian market, given ISAAC-AMD high performances, the adoption of this device would allow non-antiseismic buildings to comply with the NTC18 (Italian Construction Standards). In this way the final customer could access, in addition to the tax credit set by the Government, thanks to the Earthquake Bonus (established by the Italian State), to a further refund bringing the total credit up to a maximum of 85% of the investment.